Beyond Clicks are offering US Insurance Brokers a Google Ads performance guarantee.

If we do not improve your Google Ads activity in 4 weeks there is no management fee.

On average we improve the efficiency of clients Google Ads campaigns by 28% within 3 months.

We are confident that our 15 years of insurance ppc experience, in-house bespoke technology and proven techniques will instantly save you money.


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    We are one of the fastest growing UK Google premier partners – all of this growth from successful insurance broker pay per click marketing.

    Our technology highlights in real time the opportunities within campaigns, as well as fluctuations in key metrics. 24/7 our technology assists the specialist account managers.

    We also have a team of website user journey experts, constantly analysing and improving your visitor to action rates. From testing design styles to closely monitoring which question fields are making users leave.

    Insurance lead generation via your own ppc marketing is the most sustainable route. You control the volume, and when performed successfully at a below average cpa. As a broker you are no longer reliant on price comparisons or lead purchase giving you the flexibility and control.

    If you are looking to save $’s on your Google Ad marketing spend contact us today.

    *rolling monthly agreement if we do not save you at least our fee in 4 weeks no management fee will be charged.

    Building a campaign is just the beginning…

    It’s true anyone can build a PPC campaign, how well it’s set up and managed is the difference between PPC being a passing phase or an integral part of your business. We have Insurance Brokers that saw PPC as ‘a dangerous ad platform that burns your budget’ – ‘why would we do that we can buy sales in?’ – the same clients now generate over 90% of their new business from our services.


    We take an holistic approach and blend platforms to find your perfect target market

    Google Ads
    Bing Ads
    Facebook Advertising

    Industry knowledge.

    It is what sets us apart from the competition

    Scheme criteria targeting.

    We use scheme criteria to build & optimise PPC campaigns. We understand you cannot or may not want to quote every type of risk profile.

    Granular optimisation.

    Optimising across all possible variables, such as users age, location, gender, times, days and competition levels.

    Cost per Sale reporting.

    Along with transparency we work with your in-house systems to generate reports that include the metrics that matter to your business.

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    Whether you've got a quick question or you want to dig a bit deeper, we can help. Speak to one of our experts on 01277 424924.

    Digital Agency for the Insurance Industry.

    We are driven by making a measurable difference to our clients businesses


    Award winning & accredited


    Google Ads Premier Partner

    Strategy at play.

    Fancy a quick game

    Award winning.

    Insurance Marketing Agency of the Year 2018

    Who we are.

    We’re an award winning Google Premier Partner with over a decade of PPC experience – We manage over 100 live insurance broker brands in over 50 product areas. Our clients range from a 1 person insurance consultant to large PLC’s.

    Our experience includes owning an insurance lead generation company (sold in 2016) that was purely powered by PPC.

    Why we do it.

    A number of insurance brokers in the UK face a challenge – generating sales outside of aggregators and lead generation companies.

    We use our bespoke ad technology and our decade of ppc experience (within the insurance industry) to enable brokers to generate sales via Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads and YouTube.

    How we deliver.

    We use experience, technology and a proven approach to insurance marketing.

    All of our in-house technology has been built to enhance our campaign results, including areas such as improving lead to quote to sale ratios and maximise the number prospects from your marketing spend.

    Let's talk

    Whether you've got a quick question or you want to dig a bit deeper, we can help. Speak to one of our experts on 01277 424924.