With over 300 million users Twitter cannot be ignored as an advertising platform.


Our experience and working knowledge Twitter advertising enables our clients to effectively target the right audience. As the platform evolve in terms of targeting capabilities the ad effectiveness increases.

Twitter ad targeting includes location, gender, languages, devices, carriers, interests, followers, TV targeting, behaviours and event targeting.

Being able to target a specific Twitter handle advertisers are able to reach a very specific audience – for example an industry leader or a very influential celebrity?



Twitter Remarketing

Ever wondered why you are seeing the product you were interested in all the time on the internet?

This could quite simply be remarketing or sometimes called retargeting. By using tracking information, you are able to ‘remarket’ to specific users – for example customers who have visited your website but have not completed a form/purchase.

This is a first social media step for many of our clients, by using this highly targeted audience and displaying ads across social networks to complete the desired action.

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At Beyond we look at your target audience first, then your goals and produce a bespoke proposal based on this key information.


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Some of the areas we assess are:

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