By far the largest social media platform – over a billion and half monthly active users – over a billion use Facebook every day!

Our experience and working knowledge Facebook advertising enables our clients to effectively target the right audience. As the platform evolve in terms of targeting capabilities the ad effectiveness increases.

Facebook ad targeting is the most comprehensive of all the platforms –

The basics mean you can serve ads to users based on, gender, age, language, interests and behaviour. However, Facebook goes even further with 400 potential filtering techniques. For example – target users by ‘Life Events’ – such as Anniversary, Date of Birth, Newly Engaged or recently moved.

“…Facebook goes even further with 400 potential filtering techniques”

Or does your product or service target parents? You can even specify the age bracket of their children – for example 1-2 years or 3-5 years. The targeting is immerse making traditional advertising look archaic.

A carefully constructed Facebook campaign will perform brilliantly, how well it is built, managed and optimised is the difference however between you being a repeat Facebook advertiser or a one off.



Facebook Remarketing

Ever wondered why you are seeing the product you were interested in all the time on the internet?

This could quite simply be remarketing or sometimes called retargeting. By using tracking information, you are able to ‘remarket’ to specific users – for example customers who have visited your website but have not completed a form or purchase.

This is a first social media step for many of our clients, by using this highly targeted audience and displaying ads across social networks to complete the desired action.

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At Beyond Clicks we look at your target audience first, then your goals and produce a bespoke proposal based on this key information.


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It’s a conversation starter and it gives you an instant snapshot of your current performance.

Some of the areas we assess are:

  • Targeting
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  • Ad Delivery
  • Campaign Set up – best practice
  • Tracking
  • Opportunities

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