Make the most of Google’s Display Network

Using the Google Display Network (GDN) we’re skilled in placing adverts with very specific audiences. Many advertisers use search and display advertising techniques to increase the reach of a campaign or to gain an interest in potential customers’ online behaviour prior to them searching for a product or service.

We can provide a free audit and consultation on your current activity including tracking and recommending the right models for your business to perform even better.

Types of GDN targeting

There are over two million websites that are part of the GDN and many traditional advertisers instantly see the value in using it because of the vast types of targeting available.

We can help you reach your audience through many different ways:

  • Keywords and topics

    Using Google AdWords, keywords can help you connect your campaigns to people most likely to be interested in your business.

  • Placements

    Representing more than 80% of the world’s websites some of the biggest brands are available.

  • Remarketing

    Remarketing ads ultimately help advertisers to reconnect with their audiences in a more specific way.

  • Affinity audiences

    Affinity targeting analyses someone’s overall passions, interests and lifestyle to get a better sense of their overall identity.

  • Gmail ads

    Gmail ads are expandable ads that appear at the top of people’s tabs in Gmail, better once someone’s expanded your ad, any clicks on your content will be free

With all of the above you can also target location and demography to further segment your activity.


Ever wondered why you are seeing the product you were interested in all the time on the internet?

This could quite simply be remarketing or sometimes called retargeting. By using tracking information, you are able to ‘remarket’ to specific users – for example customers who have visited your website but have not completed a form or purchase.

This is a first display advertising step for many of our clients, by using this highly targeted audience and displaying ads across display networks to complete the desired action.


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Our business was set up to provide a service that is above and ‘Beyond’.


So Why Us?

Over 20 Years Experience

Our experience spans the last 20 years in direct response advertising, over 17 of which are within digital. This, plus our constant desire to drive and innovate within our sectors means we get results.


Latest Techniques

To operate in the most competitive markets we have to be at the forefront of developments, we use these proven techniques to excel in all industry sectors.

Any Industry is Our Industry

Having learnt our trade within the Insurance sector and having operated a lead generation business we are well placed to apply digital marketing experience to clients from all industries and of all sizes.


FREE Audits – Why do we do this?

It’s a conversation starter and it gives you an instant snapshot of your current performance.

Some of the areas we assess are:

  • Device Performance
  • Budget Management
  • Keywords
  • Quality Score
  • Best Practice
  • Opportunities

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