YouTube Ads Have Released A New Device Targeting Option

16th January 2019

YouTube ad campaigns have released a new targeting option which enables advertisers to target TV screens.

If you are currently advertising on YouTube or starting to roll out videos to advertise on the platform, you must consider their new device targeting option which Google have rolled out called ‘Connect TV’. It will result in you being able to target different devices and will enable you to decide if you want your ads shown on all devices.

Google Ads API will have the capabilities for TV targeting and will be made available to the public on the 8th January. Google have enabled for advertisers to target and generate reports for a new category via Google Ads named ‘Connected TV’. The connected TV platform is a brand-new platform feature, very similar to the ‘device’ section on Google Ads which include the following devices desktop, tablet and mobile. This results in advertisers being able to target smart TVs, gaming consoles and connected devices which include the following Chromecast, Roku and Apple TV.

You are not able to see a breakdown of what types of connected TV devices the ads appeared on, but you can segment it down by being able to see which YouTube channel content your ad has displayed on. You can also find out which Tv screen by navigating over to report by device.

Connected TV will appear as a new platform name along with the three existing platforms with an ID of 30004. Connect TV can be used for reporting through the API and can be accessed with the device segment named CONNECTED_TV. Google have said “even though bidding will only be supported for Display and Video ads, and some residual traffic it may still show in other types of reports”. This has resulted in Google suggesting to pull a new segment for non-Display/ Video ad reports.

Managing TV Screens By Device

How to manage TV screens by device type; you can set up bid modifiers in the same way as you would on Google search ads. You can set up bids which range from -90% to +900% that will help advertisers target the right demographics.

Why You Should Consider Using Bid Modifiers On YouTube

Why should you start to investigate using bid modifiers on YouTube? You should start to use bid modifiers as currently mobile is still the most popular device for watching YouTube, but if you put in prospective on average from Googles internal data from June 2018, they have a statistic that showed users watch on average 180 million hours of YouTube on TV screens daily. From this new extension release of “YouTube device targeting” can result in advertisers targeting different TV screens and will result in targeting the right ads to the right devices.

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