Using Google Ads New audiences (and existing) for insurance brokers

19th November 2019

With Google announcing two new audiences’ advertisers can utilise in their search campaigns to help reach their ideal customers, we thought it would be good timing to hone in on how insurance brokers can use audience targeting to assist their campaigns with Google Ads.

This week, Google announced two new audience targeting options: Affinity audiences for search and seasonal event segments for in-market audiences.

Affinity audiences for search and seasonal event segments

Seasonal event segments allow you to target users relating to the various seasonal events or seasonal buying periods throughout the year. These would complement any insurance products that are relevant to any peak buying periods such as gadget insurance. Black Friday and Christmas are peak periods for technology and gadget consumption, this poses an opportunity to increase bids and capture exposure around peak periods.

Affinity audiences for search allow you to connect with a user’s passion and interests. This allows you to connect a users passion with their search intent. Add any of the 132 segments that are relevant as a targeting layer on your search campaigns.

Now we will cover some already existing audience options you can use.

Similar audiences for customer match

Google can automatically create similar audiences for any customer match lists added to a Google ads account. Similar audiences will reach users who share similar characteristics and search behaviors to the customer match list you originally created. This is a great way to expand your reach and get new potential customers. This allows you to target users who have shown similarities to the users that matter the most: previous and existing customers. This will allow you to expand your reach to high quality users and find users that show similarities to people who have already purchased with you.

In-market audiences

Reach users who are further down the funnel and close to completing a purchase with in-market audiences. With over 750 segments to choose from you can target users who have shown a recent intent to purchase a specific product or service. Make use of audiences that complement the products or services you provide. People looking to purchase various vehicles would work for any auto insurance brokers, users in-market for commercial properties to buy or rent would work for any commercial insurance broker or travel insurance brokers can target those who are showing intent for a holiday to various destinations around the world. The opportunities are vast for search targeting and display campaigns. With display campaigns, targeting in-market audiences does a lot of the leg room for you. As the user is further down the funnel, the need for prospecting will be lower and less wastage.

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