Top 10 Google Ads tips for Insurance Brokers

8th January 2020

Are you an insurance broker looking to generate cost-effective sales from sources outside of aggregators and lead purchase?

Download the top 10 tips on how to do this via Google Ads from the insurance advertising experts.

What you will learn

  • How to successfully navigate the Google Ads interface for your insurance business – avoiding some of the main pitfalls.
  • Set a goal, make your ad stand out and ensure it is only being shown in the locations you would like (very important!)
  • Choose the right bidding strategy & negative keywords – with some helpful insurance examples.

Why are we qualified to give these top 10 tips?

  • We have been involved in insurance marketing since 1997. Spending the last decade successfully managing Google Ad campaigns for insurance brokers.
  • On average over 3 people a second* see an ad controlled by us.
  • We have also built and sold a leading insurance lead generation business, this company was built purely using PPC advertising, funded by us.
  • Beyond Clicks are Google Premier Partners, the highest level of recognition you can achieve, making us experts in this field.
  • The advice given is based on real results. Our clients achieve a cost per sale to rival aggregators whilst being in control of volume and spend.

You will learn how to navigate your way through the complicated set up of Google Ads and avoid the money draining pitfalls, all whilst generating more targeted inquiries and sales.

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