Why landing pages are an important aspect in your advertising efforts?

8th November 2018

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are the site/page where visitors will first land after clicking your ad. This could be a product page for a ecommerce site, or a submission form on a lead generation site. Whether you are selling flower pots or generating insurance leads, some may argue that landing pages are just as an important factor as the ads themselves…

When designing landing pages the vast majority overlook the fact that you are paying for visitors. The ultimate goal is to get visitors to convert, this could be filling out forms or completing a purchase. We need to keep this in mind throughout the entire design process.

Follow 5 simple steps to ensure that your landing pages are optimized for success!
  1. Relevance
    Remember I said you are paying for your visitors? Don’t forget this… Imagine you were shopping for car insurance, if you clicked an ad and landed on a truck insurance page. How long would you stay on this site? On average, if a user clicks your ad and cant find what they are looking for, within 5 seconds, they simply click the back button… then go to your competitors page. Make sure that your ad directs the user to the relevant landing page.
  2. No Distractions
    You want your visitors to convert. Having anything other than your purchase button or your contact from will significantly reduce the chance of a conversion. Too many landing pages contain distracting images, animations & most even contain links to other sites or pages. You want to make sure that you contain your visitor to your page… After all you are paying for there visit.
  3. Domain & Security
    Have you ever gone to a website & had a popup saying ‘this site is not secure’ this is due to your SSL certificate! Google confirmed back in 2014 that sites with a HTTPS certificate vs those without would rank slightly higher. So not only dose not having a SSL certificate on your domain show your site as a threat to potential customers, but you are also limiting your chances of being number one ranking. Read More
  4. Call To Action
    More than too often I see pages with too many; buttons, forms & links. Too many choices distracts the user from the main goal & ultimately reduces the effectiveness of your ad spend. To many choices confuses the visitor because they don’t know what to do. If you want to capture contact information make it very clear. Place a from at the top of your page so it is the first thing the visitor sees.
  5. Mobile Friendly
    On average mobile users now out preform desktop in every area. Its vitally important that your landing pages are optimized for your mobile traffic. Most developers now days will design there website with a ‘mobile first’ approach however if you are using a older site this may not be the case. Check that all your landing pages work & are user friendly for all your mobile users.

Overall if you stick to the 5 steps to success you will maximise the effectiveness of your ad spend. Making sure that your landing pages are; simple, effective and to the point.

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