Insurance brokers take advantage of new Google Ads feature – lead extensions

19th November 2019

Google has added a new feature to their Google Ads which allows advertisers to capture details of potential customers using the ad content. This is not the first time Google has tried capturing lead data from search ads. “Contact form Extensions” was an experimental upgrade developed by Google in 2010, which sent leads to the advertisers via email. Sadly, it never came out of beta. Then in 2011, Google tried a new concept “cost-per-lead ads” that allowed users to submit their phone number or email through the ad to request more information about the particular advertisement. Google Ads’ latest feature has been warmly welcomed by insurance brokers as it allows them to gain access to customer details and transfer it to their CRM (Customer Relations Management System). This is how a lead form looks like.

How Does It Work?

The lead extensions pop up dialogue box is similar to promotion extensions’ box. It displays a drop-down box which allows you to choose the campaign you want to add. After you select the campaign you need enter the extension text which can be up to 30 characters. This is what it looks like:

After creating your extension form you need to create a lead form. It includes a business name, headline and a description that can be up to 200 characters. The picture of the extension form has been posted in the beginning of the article. This form allows you to collect limited information about the client like Name, email, phone number and postal code. So, you will have to make do with this limited information. Other features of this form include adding a header image and customizing the submission page that users will see after they have submitted the form. You can customize the form by adding with either of the two options i.e. visit website or download. When you have completed all these steps, then the final step will be to include a link to your privacy policy as people who share information online want to know that their details are safe and secure and would not used in illegal activities. Furthermore, advertisers, in this case insurance brokers also need to agree to Google’s terms of service other wise they wont able to publish their form online. If you want receive collected leads in real-time you can use webhooks that can deliver the leads directly to your CRM.

Should You Care?

If you run a business or are an insurance broker or run an advertisement company, then Yes! You should care. This new feature added by Google to Google Ads can help advertisers generate more leads and it has also been made available for mobile experience to ease the advertisement process. Although some might complain about limited about of data being received but these extensions and their integration with webhooks is a step forward in online advertisements and will keep getting better.

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