Insurance Brokers – Our top 5 tips to turn more website visitors into quotes/sales.

12th April 2020

In a world where deadlines are tight, results are paramount to success and granular detail is a must digital marketeers face several challenges.

Efficiency through ad platform optimisation can make a significant difference, additional gains are also be made through user and customer journey analysis / testing. This is where you can gain a competitive advantage and increase quotes / sales while actually reducing your marketing budget. Getting more ‘quotes’ for your market £.

Website journey:

Sometimes this area can be become over complicated by experts – maybe on purpose! In essence, stage 1 is delivering quality traffic then if you make your website easier to use / navigate and portray the right messaging to your target market it will perform.

We have produced a list of 5 common mistakes and a 5 step process to improve insurance brokers website performance:


  1. Testing on a desktop only. On average over 50% of your visitors will be on a mobile device, plus this % is growing (some insurance products see 80% of the traffic via mobile). At least test mobile, and then desktop.
  2. Load time. It has a negative affect on your quality score and in turn your cost per click will be higher if your website is slow. Plus users will not hang around for a website to load. Google have a free tool to help you test / improve this –
  3. A monthly google analytics report is produced – but with limited commentary and no changes / improvements are made. This is a pointless task if no changes are made to improve the results.
  4. Large images monopolising the page, especially on mobile. They may look nice but users will need content and call(s) to action to convert into potential customers .
  5. Using enquiry forms that are just not user friendly, think about what works best on a mobile device first. Ask someone outside of your organisation to complete the form and tell you what they think. Be clear with your ‘thank you’ message to the customer, they need to know what happens next or they will go someone else.

We have been improving insurance website and customer journeys for over a decade, so have learnt a lot – and of course are still learning every day. With this in mind here are our top 5 tips:

  1. Establish your goals, ie what are the actions possible on your website and are they being tracked? For example telephone calls, online quotes / sales & enquiry forms. In addition to this any sales that are generated through calls / forms/calls will need to be attributed to the correct source. Based on years of testing accuracy and value – Our preferred call tracking platform is
  2. Chose 2 or a maximum of 3 Analytics platforms, otherwise you will just drown in data. Google Analytics is a must, others such as Hotjar, Sessioncam & Crazy Egg or also in our opinion very good.
  3. Put a strategy, schedule tasks and testing as well as assign responsibilities. If the goal is clear – for example increase the click to enquiry rate from 40% to 45% and the strategy has a series of A/B tests built on data the goal will be easy.
  4. Customer journey. We spend vast amounts of time optimising ad traffic and user journeys via technology – but having humans testing actual customer journeys including response times and interactions creates some of the best increases in ROI.
  5. Don’t forget that you can always make efficiency gains even if they are marginal. Keep analysing, testing and evaluating.

The above is a proven way to get more quotes and sales from your existing budget. We have seen clients get an instant uplift in quotes from the simplest changes.

On average we improve the efficiency of an existing Google Ads campaign by 28% in the first 3 months of management – using our technology and experience.

If you are a broker looking to improve your PPC campaigns and website journey or are interested in how you can use Google Ads to reduce your reliance on third parties (lead generators and aggregators) contact us today.

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