Google selects Beyond Clicks – insurance broker marketing

15th March 2020

Google selects Beyond Clicks – insurance broker marketing

As a digital agency that always pushes the boundaries for our brokers, receiving recognition from Google has made us very proud of what we achieve.

A few weeks ago we got a call from Google to tell us we had been highlighted as ‘industry thought leaders’ for insurance Google Ads management and could they produce some material to highlight this.

Of course we had to think about it for all of 2 seconds!

Very soon, Google will be releasing a case study, short video and interview focused on Beyond Clicks and how we are disrupting the insurance market by enabling brokers to reduce their reliance on aggregators / lead generators and also improve their existing Google Ad’s results.

So how do we do this:

  • Our team. By far the most dedicated group of people I’ve ever worked alongside. All with insurance marketing experience and a common goal to make PPC cost effective / scalable for brokers of all sizes. Account managers, developers, assistants, designers, animators etc.
  • Combining our technology with Google’s to create improved results.
  • Experience. Over a decade of managing insurance PPC accounts has its advantages!
  • Not just search ads experts – but display, video, website and customer journey are all improved.


On average we improve the efficiency of an existing Google Ads campaign by 28% in the first 3 months of management, using our technology and experience.

If you are a broker looking to improve your PPC campaigns, or are interested in how you can use Google Ads to reduce your reliance on third parties (lead generators and aggregators) contact us today.



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