How does PPC Work? Why should you advertise on search engines?

The internet has made a massive impact on businesses throughout the years, this is by making it more competitive for businesses to trade. Companies now have a higher percentage of competitors this is due to companies offering their services nationally and internationally. Its become a lot harder for businesses to expand and develop to increase their market share. But now in today’s market its difficult to be found on search engines without any marketing input.

How does PPC work?

When running Ads on Google or on any search engine platform you will pay per click for when someone clicks your advert at the top of the search engine results. The position will vary depending on yours and competitors bids. Once someone clicks the advert the total cost per click will be taken from your set daily budget and will be paid to Google. Once your daily budget has run out your ads will stop running until the daily budget is increased.

The benefits of paid search

The first benefit isbeing able to target specific locations which could be a town, city, county, country or even worldwide. You are able to select demographics which include age, gender, parental status, household income, this will enable you to have very targeted campaigns. You can target users based on the types of device they are using which could be either mobile, tablet or desktop. The targeting options are very advanced and very useful when it comes down to targeting a specific target audience.

By creating a keyword list you are able to select keywords which are relevant and irrelevant to your business.This will result for your ads to only show when relevant search terms have been entered into the search engine.

PPC can be very cost effective as you only pay when a user reaches your websites landing page. There are no spending limits on Google or Bing so you are able to set yourself any daily budget.

Pay per click campaigns can be set up to measure all traffic. This is by being able to track all elements through the campaign from being able to track spend, clicks, impressions and conversions. From this you are able to determine the performance and ROI for each campaign.

All ads are customisable so you are able to make changes to your campaigns while they are live and running, by making small adjustments to each campaign you are able to track and work out what changes are beneficial and effective to improving the campaigns performance.

Remarketing is a great way to bring potential customers back to your website. This is when visitors leave your website without buying anything, remarketing ads helps you reengage with the visitor this is by showing relevant ads across multiple devices via websites and apps.