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We Will Improve The Quality & Volume Of Your Leads.


Over the last two decades, we at Beyond Clicks have made it our mission to become the experts in Insurance Marketing.

We pride ourselves on constantly expanding our knowledge, adapting to an ever changing market & always learning which enables us to stand out from our competitors.

Upon building our portfolio of insurance clients, the same challenge presented itself time and time again for many:

‘We can’t get hold of our leads’

It’s all well & good having companies promising to deliver 1000’s of leads to your insurance business but they are rendered useless if you can’t connect with them.

Ask yourself how many times do your leads fail at the point of call?

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    Beyond Clicks Have The Solution For Your Insurance Brokerage


    This identified an opportunity to instantly connect customers to sales teams via scalable technology rather than a manual approach or diallers.

    As a result we have combined over 20 years of expertise in Digital Insurance Marketing, Lead Generation and Outbound Call Centres with software development.

    We started building the lead conversion technology in 2018 and the following year Create a Call was launched.

    Create a Call generates live conversations from online applicants & purchased leads, within seconds.

    This means you can speak to more potential insurance customers when they are ready to discuss or purchase your services – before your competitors.

    Create A Call provides an intelligent, automated outbound call platform that decreases your lead response time and improves your sales efficiency.

    In addition to this, it provides directors, marketing teams and stakeholders with instant MI to make meaningful decisions.

    This was a key priority of our platform and further improves marketing ROI.


    Create A Call PPC Management For Insurance Brokers



    If you would like to learn more about Create A Call, please get in touch.

    It would be great to connect and discuss how we can help your business.

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