YouTube Expansion Ads

10th March 2021

YouTube have unveiled they will be showing ads on channels outside of their partner program. This is huge news as this expands the reach of YouTube ads drastically. However there are some targets and agreements you need to know about to receive this luxury.


Firstly, as we know, nothing is free these days therefore YouTube will be charging users for access to this new feature. Currently, there is no confirmed pricing structure in place so it is not yet known whether buying access to this new addition will be worthwhile. We will keep you updated with news on pricing as the news is released. 


However if you are still interested in using this new feature, there are additional terms you will need to adhere to.


To enable access, your YouTube channel will need to have had 4,000 watch hours within the last 12 months.


If your YouTube channel is not receiving this much activity, it is important that in preparation to this feature being released you work on posting new videos and keeping up with current trends to maximise engagement with YouTube viewers to grow your channel.


This is essential as your channel will also need to have over 1000 subscribers. This implies that this format will only work well on bigger accounts/clients due to the mass of activity and engagement required on your account.


Overall this new feature will be great for expanding and growing accounts that have already maximised their inventory and growth.


Is your channel/client too small for YouTube’s new partner program feature?


Well fortunately that is not the only new feature YouTube is adding to their advertising platform.


YouTube are experimenting with audio ads. This is a brand new way to advertise with YouTube.


Audio Ads target YouTube’s two billion monthly music listeners with short 15 second audio adverts that are accompanied by an image or simple animation to raise brand awareness whilst the audio plays. These new ads are now in BETA on Google Ads which means you can go and test them out now!


This new feature is exciting for two reasons :


1- Any client big or small can use audio ads.


2- Audio advertising is fast growing reaching a revenue of $2.7 billion last year (That’s a 21% increase on the previous year)


It is exhilarating to see YouTube getting creative and exploring new ways to advertise within the Google platform.


Utilising different media sources alongside existing adverts provides a great opportunity for markets to expand. Targeting becomes more diverse and accessible to any person whether they are reading, watching or lisening to your ad content.  


One important factor you have to keep in mind when advertising on YouTube is that your adverts will be shown on content creator videos on YouTube.


This creates the question of Brand Safety as adverts like this can associate your brand with a channel, therefore the channel owners actions may affect your brand and reputation. 


For more information on YouTube advertising, contact the Beyond team and we will be happy to help.

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