Insurance Brokers – Take control of your own brand and in turn quote / sale volumes.

26th August 2021

Insurance Brokers – Aggregators / lead generation companies control your flow of quotes and sales based on their business objectives – not yours.

Read on to get our top 3 tips to reduce your reliance on third parties.

First of why are we qualified to even write this blog??? 

  • 15 years of digital marketing experience within the insurance sector.
  • Classed as ‘insurance thought leaders’ by Google.
  • We work with over 40 brokers, 90+ brands. From large UK brands, to growing niche brokers.
  • Our experience is across nearly every insurance products – from the very niche to the most common personal lines products.
  • Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn ad Managment.
  • PPC, user journey optimisation, web design and build.
  • Bespoke technology thar turns data into calls.

Every insurance company has a choice when it comes to digital marketing. With the popularity of aggregators / lead generation businesses many brokers solely rely on third parties. Others have a ‘marketing mix’ and some are self sufficient through their own brand / marketing.

We believe having your own marketing stream for quotes / sales is more important than ever – FCA changes to aggregator pricing models and the impact this will have for example. 

As a business to take control of your own destiny while having the flexibility to move the dial based on your goals / targets is something many brokers can’t even imagine.

The pandemic has seen many brokers literally starved of business based on aggregator / third parties pulling advertising spend. Our stats show some brokers were 60% down on quotes supplied by third parties during the peak lockdown months – whilst Google search volume only 35% down for the same periods on the same products. Evidence that other companies strategies directly impact your brokerage way above market conditions.

Tip number 1:

The golden customers / core target market. If you good chose the one type of risk by product that you would like more of what would it be ? 

Establishing your core target market by product is the first step in being able to build a digital marketing plan. This can be as broad as ‘van insurance customers aged 25+’ or as niche as ‘taxi drivers, over 30, in CM postcodes’ – digital marketing platforms can target to very specific audiences.

Use all the data you have available, including Agg quotes v Agg sales demographics.

Tip number 2:

Is your website fit for purpose? User journey optimisation is the technical term for ‘improving your website so as more people complete the desired action’ ! 

The first very stage of this is to use the website on your laptop and your mobile – the aim to establish how easy it is:

  • get a quote 
  • Fill in a call back form 
  • Call your brokerage 

The Second stage is:

  • Check the prominence of your call / quote call to actions.
  • Do a full quote.
  • Call and go through the process.
  • Fill in a call back form…do you get a call, if so how long ?

Tip number 3:

Google Ads allows advertisers to target customers actively looking for your service. There is limitless combinations of settings to tailor your campaigns, here are ones that have the biggest impact and will save you money:

  • Only advertise on Google Search and search partner- exclude the display network. The display network can be good but a completely different approach is needed. 
  • Make sure you are targeting the UK only, and if you need to exclude Northern Ireland.
  • Check / amend your running times, default is 24/7.
  • Get your keyword match types correct and optimise very regularly. Although ‘broad’ match has becom much better in recent months it is still ‘broad’ so continuous refining is needed.
  • Ads…Responsive Search Ads generate the best results. Gather your USP’s, compare to the competition, use the ad text space to clearly demonstrate you are the most appealing broker showing an ad. 

These tips will ensure any broker with any product can start / improve their digital marketing activity.

To find out how we can further improve results through digital marketing and our lead to call technology please feel free to contact us

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