No.1 Consideration – If It Was Your Money, Would You Do It?

20th December 2021

If It Was Your Money


This is the mindset of everybody at Beyond Clicks, there is a picture stating this on the wall and it’s been there since day 1 of trading. 

Yes there will be tests / new approaches that won’t always work (you have to do this to move forward faster than anyone else right?) – but at the core it’s ‘real’ money and we have to believe it will generate the outcome needed.

This ethos has enabled us to grow over 60% for 3 years in a row, consistently managing the digital marketing for over 40 insurance companies, 60+ brands and nearly every insurance product available.

I’m not going to pretend it’s been easy because it hasn’t! But as a collective the team we have now is the best I’ve ever worked with, a group of talented individuals who care about what we achieve. 

Insurance marketing campaigns are only consistent when they work. Our level of experience means we are able to accurately predict cost per action before you spend any budget.

We are also able to advise if we do or do not think digital marketing is the right route to market for a specific insurance product.

The insurance industry is fast moving and we are always proactive in our response to market changes. Read more about the upcoming changes to GIPP (General Insurance Pricing Practices) and how Beyond Clicks can help you.

If you are an insurance broker looking to improve your current digital marketing results, reduce your reliance on aggregators / lead purchase or simply need a second opinion on your current approach then feel free to contact us or read more about our services here 

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