Google Attribution Models: YouTube & Display Ads

9th July 2021

Attribution models have been designed to track conversions based on client’ objectives or what they count as a conversion e.g. last click/first click etc.

Ad interactions can occur at any stage of the user journey, not solely at the purchase stage. At Beyond Clicks, we pay particular attention to our clients’ user journey and can identify where improvements can be made to enhance conversions. We can see where users lose interest or if your landing page is flawed which ultimately means you have lost the purchases or sign ups.

Before now, display and video ads were not included in Google’s attribution models, but this new introduction has display interactions covered. This means we can now see how videos affect the customers path to purchase through channels such as YouTube.

We are now able to see how the different formats complement each other and insights from this data can then inform your budgets or CPA targets.

Google has stipulated users will be required to ‘opt in’ within the attribution section of Google Ads to add this measurement. But the overall intention here is that the new insights will help maximise budgets to increase impact.

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