Google Ads Image Extensions: Improve Your CTR

11th October 2021

The modern day has become more and more visual. As a result, Google has introduced Google Ads Image Extensions with the intention of making your ads more appealing to consumers.

People love to see what they are getting for their money. So, why not show your product off with an image extension.

Google Ads Image Extensions allow you to display your products and attach relevant images to your adverts.

Advertisers have seen a +10% increase in their Click Through Rate (CTR) when their image extensions show on mobile. This proves that when viewers are more attracted to your ad, this increases your chance of a webpage visit.

When a user clicks on the image extension, it will take them directly to your webpage. This offers another route to your page which also helps increase your Click Through Rate.


Google Ads Image Extension Example


What images work best for image extensions?

Upload images that are unique to your business. Use Images that match your keywords and headlines to maintain a high-quality score. This prevents user confusion. Another good form of practice is to ensure the image matches your brand guidelines and landing page to show consistency and professionalism. We also recommend uploading square and landscape images as this gives Google more opportunities to show your image extension.

Google also offers a dynamic image extension. Dynamic image extensions use machine learning to automatically select the most relevant image from your ad groups landing page to show up in your ads.

Reviewing and customising these images is simple. Users simply select which landing page images they want to exclude and can swap them around accordingly.

Machine learning provides users with a clear steer on which images are most successful. This in turn allows the user to exclude the images that aren’t performing as well.

Lastly, if you opt in for your campaign to show on Google partners pages, your extensions will be shown on YouTube. By learning which images perform best via machine learning, the images will be more inspiring and enticing to YouTube users.

Overall, the image extension is great for adding depth and additional information to your search ads. They also make them appear more prominent on the search on the page.

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