Bing Have Announced New Shopping Campaign Features

On Tuesday 10th April Bing Ads released a new domain verification via using UET tags, its quick and simple to create a Bing Merchant Center store. If you haven’t already verified your websites domain you can easily link the account by using the web master tool or by using a new simplified version. The new simplified version of verifying your website can be done through a UET tag. To find out more information on how to implement the new tags to the site follow Bing’s instructions.

Bing Shopping Product Data Count Status

Bing have brought amazing new features to the table enabling you to optimise your shopping campaigns. This is by making it easier for you to spot any problems/errors within the delivery process and product group structure. Bing’s new features include four new columns to the product groups grid section, this is so the information can be easily accessed.

Bing’s New Columns

The products submitted column shows the total number of products that have been uploaded to your store.

The products ready to serve column shows the number of products that have been checked, are error free and are eligible to be served if they have a bid on the selected product.

Products Targeted works when you have a number of selected products that are being bid on in the product group.

With the final new column % Products targeted the percentage of the products that are based on the total number of products that have been submitted and bid upon in the product group.


To be able to see this data across all accounts and campaigns, you are able to locate the product match count report by navigating to Reports – > Product ads -> Product Match Count.

New Multiple Images

Bing added a brand new feature which is adding additional images so the customer can see multiple images of the product that they are viewing. This allows the customer to get a better insight of the product they are potentially interested in this is by showing more images showing different angles of the product. This will essentially drive more traffic and will increase the overall ad engagement.

Each individual products advert only has a single image associated within. With the new additional feature this means advertisers will be able to add up to 10 additional images to the advert, this will make a total number of 11 images in total can be associated to one product.


This feature will be released to all Bing Advertisers in the next coming weeks!